Thursday, July 21, 2005

True confessions of a bat

A few of you might be wondering why you see references to bats, belfries, The Bat Dame, and other cavey talk on my website, guestbook and blog. In order to spare you the humiliation of being left out of the "in" joke, I am unmasking myself tonight.

I am The Bat Dame.

The Dame is my alter ego, created in a fit of despair over the thankless, lonely, rejected life of the aspiring author. She is sarcastic, cold, and she makes no apologies. She believes that a writer must suffer in order to know the true joy of being published. For life is nothing but a bundle of equal and opposite reactions. There is no light without darkness, joy without sorrow, satiation without hunger.

If there is nothing to compare, there is nothing indeed.

The Bat Cave was a two year cyber phenomenon on Through it I found women the world over who thought like I did. Despaired like I did. Laughed at the same heartless jokes. Refused to whine over failures. But pulled up their bra-straps every day and put themselves out there again. Only to be rejected. And laughed at by other rejected bats.

But still they made fun of themselves. They wrote witty, satyrical songs. They supported each other by poo-pooing any tragedy less than death or dismemberment.

How can one NOT fall in love with such women?

So, as The Bat Dame, I might have built The Cave, but the other bats made it. And we are determined to achieve nothing less than complete domination in the publishing world! If you cruise the offerings on the "Rendezvous" section of my website, you'll meet many bats. And what a talented bunch they are.


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