Saturday, July 23, 2005

Up, up yours and away

So I log onto Expedia and Orbitz today because I've used them for years with great success and they've never treated me as shabbily as Travelocity did...

*pregnant pause*

Pardon me, but is my bad karma showing? Because not only did I get the same insulting result from them, they didn't even have the stinking courtesy to keep my credit card info intact when they snubbed me!

Even Travelocity had more class than that!

Guess you're wondering what I did.

After drinking a beer and throwing a hissy fit, I did what any other reasonable woman would do: yelled at my husband.

Am I the only adult in this house who knows how to make a *bleep* plane reservation? Why do I have to do every *bleep* thing around this house and in our life. I can'tstanditcan'tstanditcan'tstandit!

To his credit (or most likely, his disinterest) he didn't react, but calmly informed me of a place I didn't know about called Sidestep. It searches the airline databases and then sends you directly to the chosen airline's website for your purchase. Why he couldn't share this info ten hours earlier in my search will be outlined in a future blog called "Divorce Court". But for now, our story continues:

For the purposes of this blog, let's say I chose a low, low fare from America West. And let's say the price was US$244.

Are you with me?

I click on the "select flight" button and my computer screen goes nuts. A humongous list of about 7,000 flights and their various legs (all in microscopic font, mind you) scrolls down my screen with those little circles on the end for you to choose by putting the black dot in.

I hate those black dots.

If you sneeze, the black dot automatically gets assigned to a circle different than the one you wanted and you have to start all over - after the hour and a half it takes the page to load because 9 million other people are shopping for your red-eye.

*pause for a sip of M.G.*

Where was I?

So in this sea of "low" fares, do I see anything for US$244? You guessed it. I do not!

By now I'm beside myself, muttering quietly, too enraged to bluster. The dog slinks away. The central air shuts off. It's the calm before the storm.

But wait. I look closer. Was that a two-digit fare?

I pull the screen up to my face. It simply can't be.

What I see is a US$99 one way departure, and a US$127 one way return. That's $226.00 folks!! TWO-TWENTY-SIX! The lowest fare on the web, and, if not in plain sight, at least on an actual airline website.

So there you have it. The best freaking airline in the world at this moment. Clearing houses and their mind games be damned.

GO America West!!!!



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