Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Up, up yours and Away!

Okay. Two hours ago I merrily clicked open all the travel sites I cruise for cheap airfares.

I was full of hope, hungry for that secret summer deal, already smelling the jet fuel and reeling from that giddy sense of adventure I always get before a flight.

Had about five windows open for comparing prices, all of which were depressingly close and way too high when, on a lark, I logged onto Travelocity.

That's when the nightmare began.

The prices were amazingly low and that should've been my first indication of doom. Instead, I was thrilled! Is my NY edge really so blunt after 11 years in rural paradise? Apparently so. Because when I was denied the first set of flights after 20 minutes of filling out forms, I tried again! After another 20 minutes my lip was starting to curl back, but I pressed onwards while everyone else in the whole fucking world (apparently) could type faster and were snapping up all my cheap flights quicker than I could book them.

*pause for breath*

I tried different dates, different times, different airports. Tried aisle seats and window seats and even settled for a layover! (smooth plug, eh?)

Uncomfirmed! Uncomfirmed! Uncomfirmed! One or more of your flights HAS NO MORE SEATS AVAILABLE !!!!

But they wouldn't tell me which of the four flights it was! So I had to go back to the beginning over and over and over...

*bangs head on keyboard*

So, tonight I toddle off to bed ticketless and pissed. I wonder what joys tomorrow will bring.



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