Saturday, August 20, 2005

Kayukking it up on Lake Union

It's not my usual bag, but my mother has an eighty-seven year old paramour who has a son who loves the outdoors. Today he took me and the fam out for a fun-filled hour of kayaking.

Earlier in the week, I'd been bemoaning my lack of upper body strength and had vowed to do more than lifting a pint and typing to improve the situation. Paddling in Lake Union wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Especially about the time we reached the opposite end and had to turn around and go back.

I like to think I know my limits. My teenaged daughter, who was in the front seat, certainly knows hers. By that time she was draping herself across the bow and re-enacting many of the drama scenes I've lately come to know and love. Unfortunately for both our limits, at that particular moment a seaplane decided to take off.

It didn't take me long to realize we'd have to paddle pretty darn hard and fast to get off the "runway". Everyone knows that maritime rules dictate the bigger guy has the right of way. Since our heads were at the general level of the nose-cone prop, I tended to agree.

Are you on the edge of your seat yet?

Well, back your butt up.

We cleared the runway, dodged a few more cabin cruisers and arrived at the dock where my jellied arms then had to steer the boat into a slender slip and haul my ass out. Almost impossible, but I did it and when my other daughter joined me at the top of the dock, we flexed our muscles to a general agreement that our work was done.

In the aftermath, I discovered a preferable way to achieve upper body strength.

From now on, I'll lift quarts.



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