Sunday, September 25, 2005

Blown Away

I was skeptical when I read about the T3 Tourmaline hairdryer in, of all places, Budget Living magazine. What business did a bi-monthly devoted to cheapskates like me have reviewing a $130.00 hairdryer? That's an order of magnitude pricier than your average everyday blow job.

Now I'll admit I'm a beauty product whore. I watch the latest scientific developments on skincare with rabid interest. And there have been phenomenal advances, most of them available in very affordable drugstore brands. I could go on and on although I've concluded - within the private boundaries of my product testing laboratory - that the most important contributions to that healthy, youthful glow come from diet and attitude.

Back to the T3. According to this article, this was in fact a budget item because it gives you salon quality hair at home, saves time and will eventually save you a bundle of cash because it leaves hair so soft and moist you can toss out that pricey conditioner. Oh, you'll also achieve unparalleled shine.

Off I trot to Beauty Depot. The teenagers behind the counter assured me their mothers were obsessed with the T3. But all I cared about was whether I could return it if it failed to meet my now enormous expectations.

Oh. My. God.

Suffice to say there is now a little altar in my bathroom where I'll kneel everyday and pray to the hair gods to keep producing this device.

This'll be the first in a series of occasional blogs discussing truth in advertising and beauty products that work. It's a subject dear to my heart because I waste more time returning stuff that doesn't work, and liars bug the holy living hell outta me.

Why should you suffer like I do?

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