Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Day in the Life of a Writer

This blog post will be updated throughout the day, just to show you how much of a life I actually have. Check back often for the exciting details!

5:00 - wake up, trip over dog, limp downstairs, feed dog, read email, make eggs for child number one.

7:00 - kiss off child number one, read emails that've collected since 5am (four) Respond to two.

7:30 - call child number two out of bed.

7:35 - tickle child number two's feet to get her out of bed.

7:40 - give up on child number two and assemble her lunch.

7:45 - threaten child number two.

7:46 - throttle child number two.

7:48 - light explosives under child number two's bed.

7:50 - child number two awakens and wonders why there's smoke in the room.

7:53 - child number two is so cheerful from the extra sleep my bad mood dissipates.

8:30 - Post this blog. Kiss off child number two. Check blog stats. Think about writing.

8:44 - Think about writing.

8:58 - Thoughts about writing interrupted by incoming news of a recent sale. Can't write until details are provided.

9:10 - Alexis Fleming sold another story to Changeling Press! Open WIP (work in progress). Think about writing something in it. *tick* *tock* *tick* *tock*

9:48 - Pause to fan face from recent scribblings. Check mirror for afterglow. None present.

10:13 - Ack! Ack! Missed ten o'clock smokebreeeeeeeeeak! Oh yeah. Don't smoke anymore. *sigh*.

11:15 - Word count on current WIP: 4,203. Closing in on nookie time!

12:25 - Wake up from power nap. Check email. Pop tab on first diet DP of the day. Ahhhh! Think about writing.

1:50 - Where does the time go??? Inner editor clicked on. Current word count: 4,149. Child number one due home shortly. Won't get to nookie today.

2:30 - Inner editor on a roll! Spiced up scene leading to nookie. Let the games begin!

My work for today is done.



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