Thursday, September 08, 2005

Yes Virginia, There is a Bat Dame

You know you've made it when you're considered an Urban Legend. Here is one person's testimonial:

"Bat Dame *is* a real person. I used to think she was an urban legend too, even though several friends claimed to have seen her in the flesh. Yeah, yeah, I was skeptical -- who wouldn't be? Date rapists who steal your kidneys, serial murderers hiding in the backseat, and bat dame leading a group of malcontents through misery. They just seemed to fit together, ya know?

And then, one day -- this is totally true, I swear it, and it happened to me, not to a friend of a cousin of a boyfriend -- I'm standing there talking to the PI chapter president about all things smutty. And this woman walks up and says, "Hi, I'm Ann Wesley Hardin."

Just like that. Pleasant as you please. "Hi, I'm Ann Wesley Hardin."

A Real. Live. Person. Not smoke and mirrors, or a trick with a fake email address. I know -- I hugged her and got drunk with her.

So now all you misbelievers out there can proudly say, "Of course BD exists. A friend of mine actually met her.""


(editor's note: Blunder is the carefully guarded Cave name of a highly talented author-to-be)


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