Thursday, October 20, 2005

Daisy Dexter Dobbs Googles

Here I was, wondering what the heck to blog about today when Triple D supplies the best fodder ever.

*rolls up sleeves*

This is what she got by Googling my name and a verb:

"Ann wishes”

Ann wishes there were more pest management classes (Like, Parenting 101)

Ann wishes her parents were "normal" (Apparently Google can read minds)

Ann wishes that she could have a life like the other kids her age (*chin quiver*)

Ann eats”

Ann eats carrots and develops telescopic vision (Radial Carrototomy?)

Ann eats poor Octavius in three bites (three-and-a-half)

Ann eats chicken eyes in Thailand (FabDame does not have the pics to prove it)

Ann dreams”

Ann dreams of someday becoming a Playboy Playmate (Especially after watching The Girls Next Door. Yeah. My idols)

Ann Dreams of being in a giant orgy with her co-workers (Uh...uh...oh boy...hmmmm. Who told??)

Ann refuses”

Ann refuses to look up or do anything but eat (and bitch)

Ann refuses to admit she lied, was mistaken or just plain screwed up (no comment)

Thank you Daisy!


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