Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oh those amazing animals

There are two birds pecking for food in the rain gutter atop my house and the dog is out there growling at them. You should see the look in her eyes. I imagine it's the same look that was in that dumbass python's eyes before it decided to swallow a six-foot alligator.

Did you all read about that?

Guess alligators aren't at the top of the swampy foodchain anymore. Apparently, pet pythons are being released by the bushel in the everglades and they're goin' for the gators. Kinda ambitious if you ask me, especially when there are so many cats, dogs and small children lying about. And they wouldn't rip a hole in a python's gut while it tried to digest them.

Of course, it would've helped if the python had remembered to crush the gator first. I wonder if this instinctive knowledge has been bred out of these "pets". Or if a hand raised python is just accustomed to having dinner served already dead.


Now back to the WIP.


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