Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Woman Without a Face: more beauty news

I've been using glycolic acids on my face for years. They're safe, effective and wonderful exfoliators. If you're forty and you haven't started exfoliating yet, shame on you. One of the reasons men stay wrinkle free is because they shave (read:exfoliate) every day.

Recently I investigated something new. A TCA 12% peel. It's an acid that moves a little deeper than glycolics and also has the added feature of tightening mild laxity of the skin.

I am so there!

Except it's a little more dangerous. And noticeable. For instance, if you apply too much your skin will turn brown and flake off in humongous dead sheets. If you smile too hard and crack your brown, dead skin before it flakes off, you can scar yourself for life. Additionally, if you try to peel the dead sin off instead of letting it fall off naturally by itself, well, can you say horror show?

Still, I'm in. Although by now my knees are knocking.

About a month ago I did a test run on the back of my left hand. I figured if I screwed up I could pull a Michael Jackson. I applied one layer and left it on three minutes. Nothing happened for a full week and I thought "Well there's ninety bucks down the toilet". But then I noticed my hand had taken on the look and consistency of a crocodile purse. After another couple of days it'd peeled off and looked okay but not any different from the cheaper, safer glycolic results.

I took another look the other day. Held both hands up side by side. Lo and behold the skin on my left hand was much tighter. I mean MUCH. Even child number one saw the difference. I can't pinch the skin up and make it stay in a crepey mountain anymore.

So, Sunday I did my face.

I applied one layer for three minutes. Then got bold and applied a second layer. It stung to holy hell so I neutralized it all after another minute. My skin has been tight, and dry enough to soak up whatever oils I put on it. But it hasn't started to peel yet.

I'll let you know.


Blogger Kris Starr said...


Fine! Leave us hanging! I want to know if you turned out looking like the Cryptkeeper or not.

You *know* I don't do well with suspense... ;)

November 08, 2005 9:04 PM  

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