Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Captions Courageous

Once in while I enter the caption contest held weekly in the New Yorker magazine. I never make it into the finals. But it's fun and it exercises my mind.

Every so often the staff feels the need to send out a bulk email reminding all the entrants that this is supposed to be fun. I guess NYer gets thousands of calls from irate captioneers asking why they didn't win. Sound familiar, all you editors out there?

Anyway, I found this little nugget buried in the bulk email. I'm going to tape it to my monitor:

Making humor is, by its nature, an uneven enterprise, even for folks who do it for a living. To be funny demands a certain kind of courage: the courage to be silly, look stupid, and, many times, not even get the payoff of a laugh. If we ever do a book about the caption contest, I think a good title might be Captions Courageous.

Since I've definitely looked stupid often enough to worry loved ones, it's nice to know I'm not alone and am, in fact, considered brave by a publishing icon. Gotta take it wherever I can get it *snort*



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