Thursday, December 08, 2005


This is all Charlie Horse's fault!

Name Five Bad Things That Happened to you in 2005
1) My brother died
2) Got into a car accident with brand new car (not my fault)
3) Aged *that much* more
4) Really had to embrace moderation in all things for the first time
5) Quit job to write

Name Five Good Things that happened to you in 2005
1) Quit job to write
2) Finally met some cyber friends at RWA nationals
3) Got some really, really nice threads (and a WonderBra!)
4) Finally understood that most aspects of myself that gave me angst all these years can be explained in a simple sentence: She's a writer.
5) Found some kick-ass skin care products

Name Five people who touched you in a special way
1) My brother's wife
2) My nephews
3) My sister's brother-in-law, Steve
4) My mother's dear friends
5) Basically everyone I know

Name Five things you achieved in 2005
1) Saw the release of three books
2) Started and finished some major household renovations
3) Survived first full time job in thirteen years
4) Continued raising two fine young women
5) Dodged the mammogram machine for the fourth straight year (yes!)

Name Five things you would like to achieve in 2006
1) Write at least four books
2) Finish all the household renovations
3) Sell the freakin' house and buy something smaller
4) Think up a book NY can't resist *gg*
5) Get a book optioned by a major Hollywood studio (hey, big thinking got me this far. Why not further?)


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