Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Author, author! Announcement from EC!

Ellora's Cave will be starting a small erotica line (name tbd)!

This will be within the EC imprint, not a separate imprint or website. On our EC site, there will eventually be a link to a page for this new line, and that page will include an explanation of the difference between erotic romance and erotica.

We are accepting submissions as of now. Please spread the word outside, to any author loops you are on and to your writer friends, writer organization members, and so forth. Outside submissions follow our standard procedure, which can be found on our EC website; the submission goes to Submissions@... and the subject line should note that it is erotica.

- Same length categories as EC
- Any genre
- Doesn't have to be a "romance" - that is, does not have to focus on the development of a romantic relationship, h/h don't have to be sexually faithful to each other, does not need the committed HEA ending.
- Sexual content follows pretty much the same rules as EC. Same taboo
list. Definitely no porn.
- Has to be well-written and with a well-developed plot and


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