Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday of Thirteens

Thirteen Things About Me

(Ed. Note: Hmmpf. I started this list this morning and got so far with it! Gonna turn this into a weekend project and add tidbits as I think of them. Time to go to my real job. Kaching.)

1) I never met a romcom or war movie from the 30s or 40s I didn't like, if not love.
2) My ultimate dream job would've been in the backlot of Warner Brothers, brainstorming Bugs Bunny cartoons.
3) I spent the entire summer of 1976 staying up until 5am just so I could watch every Honeymooners and Burns & Allen episode on TV. (for all you youngsters, there was no such thing as a VCR. Hard to believe I grew up undamaged from that experience. Although that was the year the voices started coming out of my bedroom walls...)
4) The next sport I want to learn is shooting pool.
5) I feel most at home in Europe, specifically England or Switzerland.
6) I don't believe communication ends with death.
7) I do believe animals are much smarter than they've let on.


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