Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Rumors of My Dearth Were Highly Exaggerated

More than the "romance is just porn for women" (as if it's somehow worse than porn for men) the rumor that "all romance books are alike" gets to me. I guess everyone has a threshold for rude ignorance and that's mine. Because I can twitter at the porn thing--make fun of it and waggle my eyebrows--but I can't abide anyone thinking that I, as a writer, merely recycle books by changing the names.

That hits low and deep. Penning porn is still writing, after all. But the "all romances are alike" implies sloth, lack of creativity, and at it's worse, plagiarism. And what follows those ugly heels is the tacit implication that the majority of the reading public not only accepts such lazy--if not criminal--behavior among authors, but also supports and lauds it.

Talk about a global insult.

You don't hear people going around accusing George Lucas of such nonsense. Yet if you wanted to, you could argue that Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark are the same movie. You could also throw in Mission Impossible, Independence Day and Schindler's List if you wanted to get technical. Hell, you could mention every single action/adventure, Western and man-against-the-machine flick ever made.

It's the tired, old seven-plots issue--that there are really only seven plots and every single story is based on one of them.

But it's the stories that are different. The stories.

And while all romances may have the same boy-meets-girl plot, the stories are every bit as different as Star Wars is from Schindler's List.

If people would only take a minute to evaluate, perhaps *gasp* think for themselves, they'd realize it.

Stop with the inane rumors, already. They're highly exaggerated!


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