Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tap Tap Tap Gah!

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate this wireless keyboard? Had to retype the title of this post four times. Apparently now, besides spacebar lagtime, I also have shift key lagtime.

*eyes power hammer again*

The other day I spoke with the manager of my local indie bookshop and he promised to carry Layover when it comes out--which should be any minute now. I was surprised at how shy I felt asking. I guess on some level I'm still waiting to get the snobby cold-shoulder most romance writers have gotten at some point. But this guy was extremely respectful.

After speaking to him, I snuck over to the miniscule romance section and spotted a Red Sage book. Which is cool. But I'll be insanely proud to be the first EC author in that store!

How about you all. Have any of you approached your local indie shops? If so, what was your experience?


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