Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Totally Boring Unfunny Post

So, working and all sorts of other crap have interfered with my blogging lately. Tell it to stop!

Just when all the mundane chores were behind me, when I thought at last I could sit down and drink a cup of creative juice, 1-800-CONTACTS grabbed me by the balls.

(note to self: find out the female equivalent. Grabbing me by the labia just doesn't have the same cachet)

I'm on my last set of two-week-disposables and they don't have my prescription on file anymore. When I finally mustered the energy to let my fingers do the walking for the number of my optometrist, I find out they don't open until ten o'clock. By then I'm supposed to be on the couch for my nap! I'm a creature of habit! Don't mess with it.


And yeah, on a Really Good Writing Day, I'm done by ten. Tapped out--literally. I haven't had many of those lately, but still. When you're up at five everyday, ten is the optimal napping hour. Because then by eleven-thirty, you're ready to edit the slop and prepare for the next day's writing. Or to even write more!

So I decided to blog until ten and go from there.

*checks watch*


Ah hell. I'll shower for the last fifteen minutes. Then I'll be squeaky clean for my snooze.


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