Sunday, January 29, 2006

We Interrupt This Program...

Although I think it's kinda sad that I could only come up with seven things to share about myself in the previous post, I had to stop thinking to share a snippet of this review of Miss Behavior.

Elizabeth, a reviewer for Fallen Angels, has hit on every aspect of Why I Write and what I endeavor to achieve. And, the "mysterious character" is the hero of my fourth novel--with my editor as we speak. The pleasure I'm feeling right now is almost debilitating! Thank you, Elizabeth!

Ann Wesley Hardin is an excellent author. This I can confide to you after having read three of her books, including this one, all of which have involved flying and airplanes to a large extent-- unsurprising, given Ms Hardin's background in and love of aeronautics. I have thoroughly enjoyed them all. This White Hot Holidays quickie, which covers a time span of approximately twenty four hours or so, is fabulously written, with great attention to detail. Though a fairly short tale, the amount of information and character development that has been packed into it, especially with regards to the time frame of the story, is remarkable. New Years is a slight background theme, but this tale is perfect to read year round. There is within this tale a secondary character who I find to be rather mysterious and would love to know more about; it would be great if Ms Hardin were to write a tale for him of his own. Miss Behavior is a fabulous contemporary novella, and most definitely one I'd advise you to snap up, whether or not you enjoy flight.


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