Sunday, January 15, 2006

Zen and The Art of Housekeeping

Just when I think I'm so tired and depressed, that life isn't worth living and I might as well open a vein, the house gets clean and I discover my joi de vivre once again.

What is it about a dirty house that sucks the life out of you? Does it make you feel as if you're dirty and unlivable?

Filthy, cluttered closets do the same thing.

So you can imagine how happy I am right now with my new closet.

As part of our massive household renovations, we installed wood flooring and furniture-like fixtures in my 10x7 closet. Every time I go in there I feel like I'm in a luxury department store. I feel happy and important. Peaceful, actually.

Previously, the wire racks and crap all over the floor had resembled a landfill and made me feel trashy about myself, my wonderful new clothes and life in general.

Back in the olden days, even the poorest of poor kept their stoops clean, and swept the street in front of their tenements. I imagine they also kept the insides of their fourth-floor-walkups clean too. It was a matter of pride, and I also think, a way to feel good about themselves.

I've never been a neat freak, and I hate housecleaning with a passion most reserve for Satan himself. But I can't help remembering the old adage: Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

I think I know what it means now.


Anonymous Jane/FabDame said...

Pictures! Pictures of the new closet, I want to live vicariously! I loathe and despise housecleaning too, we must be sisters...OH wait, we are.

January 16, 2006 10:44 AM  

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