Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ah Ha Moments

As a postscript to the previous entry:

Several years ago I learned what's probably the best lesson about this biz. I had turned my first novel into a screenplay and had used the Internet to research production companies that might be interested in developing it. Basically, I ignored the powerhouses and made a list of the smaller companies owned by movie stars. One of them was Bonnie Hunt, who at the time would've been perfect as my heroine.

One of the pieces of advice I'd gleaned was to call them on the phone and make a verbal pitch to ask permission to send something. Talk about scary. But I did, over the answering machine no less! Would you believe a couple of days later the phone rings and it's them! They said "Sure, send it along!"

So I did and that was the last I heard of it, but the point is, it's that easy. As my sister said "There's no mystery to these things." You call, they call you back. Or they don't. They're in the business of saying "yes" because they don't want to miss out on a good thing. It really is that simple. And realizing this made me much braver in my quest, and more willing to just do it.


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