Sunday, February 19, 2006

Betty Neels, The Holy Bible and Me

Okay, I've been warned to stay away from the Amazon Sales Rankings. They'll drive you crazy I've heard. Updated hourly, they tell you how well your book is selling on Amazon.

This morning I noticed I was ranked 93,597, so out of idle curiosity I clicked on the number. It took me to a link that showed the other books in my selling range. I was wedged firmly between A Guide to Inclusive Therapy: 26 Methods of Respectful, Resistance-Dissolving Therapy and NEKOMAH CREEK. Never heard of them BUT, another book on the same page was S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders.


Others included: Damsel in Green (The Best of Betty Neels) (a VERY famous romance writer), and The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Red Letter Text!

Whoa! Pretty darn good company if you ask me. And, now I can say Layover is as popular as the Bible! Who needs a spin doctor? I've got Amazon.


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