Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wednesday Already? and Pennies From Heaven

Man oh! Mid-week and I haven't blogged at all! Worse, I can't think of a blinkin' thing to say today either.

*a minute passes*

*another minute passes. Followed quickly by yet another... minute.* (guess who said that)

One topic that I've always wanted to discuss is the Pennies From Heaven stories you read in Dear Abby. Over the years, I've collected many stories from friends and aquaintances who believe their deceased loved ones have contacted them. Many of these events occurred at the time of the loved one's death--which was unbeknownst to the receiver of the "visitation" at the time. A grandmother tucking her granddaughter into bed for the last time, a face, a touch on the arm, a mother's voice...The list goes on.

Personally, the day after my brother died last April, I believe he came to see me. Alone in the house, I'd just laid down for a nap when my dog's tail started wagging, thumping against the floor as if someone had come into the room but she was too lazy to get up and greet him. A ferocious watchdog, she'd never done this before in her life. Other small signals that it was him followed, which I won't go into here because they'd mean nothing to you, but I became convinced he was truly there.

Previously I'd had dreams following deaths in the family, but never something as tangible as this visit and never when I was awake. It wasn't something I had been watching for, or even consciously wishing would happen. So it made a believer out of me, and opened the door to exploring the more spiritual side of life.

What about you? Have you had contact with a loved one after his/her death? Do you believe such communication exists or do you belive these are subconscious events?


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