Wednesday, March 29, 2006

And one more thing...

My stats are showing more people coming in here for American Idol chat (McPheever) than anything else today, so I might as well opine about last night.

Like the judges, I wasn't thrilled with anyone last night. They were all singing for themselves and no one else, and it showed. You can take that and apply it to writing too. Even though everyone tells you to write for yourself, and I do, mostly, the reader is always, always in the back of my head. There are many things in a WIP I'll alter for readers during the editing stage. I always try to think up a universal "hook" for each chapter, each paragraph, each sentence. The story will remain mine, but the architecture used to build it is geared toward the reader. And me. But the reader too. That's what was absent from AI last night. No one was thinking about me, and I felt it. Apparently, so did the judges.

Final five, IMHO will be Elliot, Taylor, Katharine, Paris and Mandisa. I thought Paris was the best. And I still don't *get* the precocious thing. Is she supposed to sound bubble-gum? Save me!

Signing off.


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