Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's Always About The Next Song

Just like it's always about the next book. Aren't I clever for relating American Idol to writing? Sometimes I'm so proud of myself I could bust.

At some point the crowd has to get fickle, ya know? They have to vote on the individual performance, not the whole portfolio because hey, everyone's good. Last night showed it's time. Katharine's lousy performance pissed America off and they cut her down to size.

I see it all the time on reader's blogs. The audience gives an author another chance after a lousy book. If she disappoints them again, it's buh bye. Like Simon said, you're never, ever safe.

R U neurotic now? I'd curl up and cry but I'm too happy with the WIP at the moment. Talk to me next week, when I'll probably hit the wall.

~off to work



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