Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Was Katharine hot last night or what? I couldn't believe this was the same semi-awkward gal I'd been watching all this time. Didn't think her choice of neo-hippie-wear went with the torch-singer style of the rendition, but otherwise she kicked some major AI ass.

Then there's Taylor. OM freakin' word. The guy is awesome, and even Stevie Wonder "saw" that the music comes from his soul. He's a joy to watch and listen to.

Those two totally made history last night.

I liked Mandisa, but thought it took her half the song to find her groove. The judges didn't mention this, so maybe it was just me. Love that she went barefoot.

Bucky sounded constipated.

Kelly: meh. And she's playing up the country gal thing a little too hard.

Melissa: very good, I thought. Child number 2 thinks she looks like a weasel. I agree.

Kevin: he's having a good time with his unlikely sex-symbol image. I thought he did very well with his song and stepped out of his comfort zone. But I fear this is the last we'll see of him.

Chris: Nice pipes and definitely took ownership of the song, but I should've closed my eyes. His physical performance bored me and I kept wanting him to put the damn mike down.

Elliot: meh.

Paris: Apparently it was just me, but I thought she was out of sync with the music. Her vocal range was nicely showcased, however. I also thought she seemed a little too packaged. Didn't come across as natural last night. To me.

So, although Katharine and Taylor carped the diem, Mandisa's still a frontrunner. Hate to say it, but Chris might steal Elliot's slot if he continues to be so original. Again, so hard to guess who the ultimate winner will be.

Never realized until last night how freakin' hard those Stevie Wonder songs are to sing! Stevie makes it look so easy, but you could hear the idol contenders stretching themselves with the extreme note ranges within the songs. I was disappointed no one sang "Yester-me, Yester-you", my SW favorite.

You know what else? Simon is an awesome alpha character. Just the type you'd love to see brought to his knees by the right woman *gg*. Actually, that woman might be Ryan Seacrest. Heeheehee.


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