Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Monthly Woot Day

Every writer needs a monthly Woot Day. Hell, we write alone with nary a good word until our editors, or a reader, emails us. My last one was on Feb. 14th when Out Of This World got contracted. I haven't had one since. So, today, March 22nd, is my Woot Day.


I synopsized the sequel to Out Of This World.

Woot! Woot!

I really like it too.


I feel like a freakin' owl sitting here wooting all by myself. But whatever. It has sex, a working title which I'm already insanely attached to, excellent character conflicts, unsagging middle, sex, sex, a mysterious hero, dotty old ladies, sex, and salvation and redemption at the end.

Woot! Wooot! Wooooooot!

Gotta go to the other job now.

*martyred sigh*

What more can I ask?


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