Thursday, March 09, 2006

Still Glomming American Idol

My POV has changed.

Mandisa, Mandisa, Mandisa.

The woman is magic. When she strutted out singing "I'm every woman" I just about lost all feeling in my legs from the chills running up and down.

That's how I get when I hear a song I like. My legs get little electrical surges. FabDame's arm hair stands up. What happens to you?

I LOVE her.

My new list includes Mandisa, Kelly and Paris. I think in the end it'll be Kelly vs Mandisa. To choose the winner you'd have to think about how you'd rather bond with the artist. Through a concert (Kelly, because she must be seen to be appreciated) or through a record (Mandisa, because that voice and enthusiasm negates the need for her kick-ass presence)

Personally, I'd pick Mandisa.

I LOVE her.

While I felt badly, and even shed a tear for Ayla tonight, in the end, she wasn't as original as the others. I think Melissa and Lisa will be kicked off next for the same reason.

This is the year of the individual on AI, and it's as exciting a competition as I've ever had the honor to behold. There's no way to guess the winner! I think it comes down to who gets better and who gets worse as the pressure builds. IMHO Mandisa and Kelly are the coolest cucumbers in the produce section.

Unfortunately, I missed the men this week. So, I'm still rooting for Taylor and Elliot. Kevin is so the underdog and it's an utter joy to see him make the top twelve. But he'll be weeded out.

What are your thoughts?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE Mandisa...I have since she and Simon 'had it out'. She was SO classy! And then when she sang Heart...WOW!!!

March 10, 2006 8:37 AM  
Blogger Jaci Burton said...

I'm with you on all counts, Ann. Mandisa gives me freakin chills when she sings. She's utterly fabulous.

And Kelly is just a little country rocker and I adore her to pieces. I damn near peed my pants when she said cal-a-mar-ee.

I love Kevin. I know he's not an AI, but dammit, the kid is adorable and reminds me of my younger son when he was the same age, so I cried when he made the top 12. Hey, I love me some underdog *g*.

I love Chris. He's got that sexy, gritty, want to see him in concert sometime big time fangirl thing. He's going to go far.

I'm LOVING AI this season!

March 11, 2006 10:34 AM  

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