Monday, April 03, 2006

Daylight Ravings

Nothing new to report. Spent the weekend on household chores, and enjoying a Sunday evening sidewalk dining experience in town. Was nice having that extra hour of sunlight on such a beautiful day.

I ordered 300 promotional pens today. They're yellow with orange trim and purple lettering that says Do The World with Ann Wesley Hardin. I've wanted to get some pens for a while now and with RT coming up figured I'd better get a move on.

Promo is always an active topic among authors, especially ebook authors. We debate what to get, what's useful and whether or not any of it really works to get our names out there. For the most part, we all agree that writing more books is the best promo of all. But, there's an expectation in the whole book community for an author to have something to give away as a token of appreciation. Just writing a good book isn't enough anymore. Readers have alot of good books to choose from. So what makes them choose yours? If you find the secret, will you let me know?

I don't think a pen will make anyone buy my book. What I hope it will do, though, is be a keepsake for readers who already enjoy my work. Before I was published, I really got a kick out of using pens my fav authors and mentors gave me. If I can give someone else that kind of charge, then it's worth it.

So, I'm not looking at it as promo. I'm looking at it as furthering a relationship. And from that perspective, my wallet ain't hurting quite so bad ;)


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