Monday, May 22, 2006

Powered Down

So aside from a two hour delay at the airport last night, the trip home went smoothly. Luckily, my ex-friend Kathy Love had a delayed flight too, so we hung out at the teensy, quiet Daytona airport and chatted.

The book fair on Saturday went very well! I sold half my books and talked to many readers who enjoyed my stories and were anxious to read the new one. I also talked to alot of authors who wanted to know all about my experience with EC. There's no question that the company is sizzling and the buzz surrounding it has attained jet engine decibels. With its huge author/reader base at RT and the tasty cover models strolling about, I felt so proud to be part of it all!

Also, one of our very own cavemen won the Mr. Romance 2006 title! I had the pleasure of hanging out with this classy gentleman one night. He totally deserved his victory. Go Rodney!

So, what am I gonna do after RT? Sleep!


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