Thursday, June 08, 2006

Light of My Life

Science has discovered a direct correlation between sunlight and happiness, we all know that. What I've been thinking about today is what kind of sunlight makes me feel my best.

I've always loved fall. It's my favorite season. And a while ago I realized it's largely because of the quality of the light. At that time of year, the northern hemisphere is beginning to tilt away from the sun, and in my sky here in PA, the sun shifts south. For whatever biological/emotional reason, this kind of light makes me feel happy.

This morning I looked out the window and the sky reminded me of Seattle--where I visit my mother regularly. I immediately got that pleasure/pain of yearning in my heart. Seattle mornings are among one of my most treasured things in life. Again, largely because of the light. This got me thinking of my other favorite places, like England and Switzerland. Why did I love these areas so much? Could it be the light?

I pulled out a map and lo and behold, Seattle and Switzerland are on roughly the same latitude. England is a few degrees higher. All these places are further north than where I live, so naturally, the sun would be a bit further south in the sky--like it is here in the fall.

Well, what do you know. No wonder I yearn to be in those places! Quite simply, the position of the sun makes me feel my absolute best, most invigorated.

Most alive.

What about you? Are you happier certain times of the year, or in certain places of the world? Do you think it's because of the light?


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