Tuesday, July 04, 2006

OOTW romancejunkies review

Title: Out Of This World
Category: Fantasy
Reviewer: Angel
Reviewer e-mail: angelbrewer@romancejunkies.com
Authors: Ann Wesley Hardin
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Release Date: May 2006
ISBN: 1419906410
Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

This book is a labyrinth of twists and turns and it’s real easy to get confused if you don’t pay attention.

Arnie Simpson knows from the second the woman gets off the plane she is going to be major trouble. She’s come for a wedding, but if Arnie has his way she’s not leaving. Who is this strange woman and why is she so interested in him? One thing is certain whenever they come together, more than sparks fly. Could Ava be from another planet?

Ava arrives for her friends wedding, but after seeing Arnie her outlook changes and she definitely wants him. Why would such a brilliant man be in the middle of nowhere working on planes instead of in a lab? Arnie is not like any man Ava has met and there is something very different about him. Ava is a woman with very strict ideas but she is starting to wonder if Arnie is from somewhere else entirely.

OUT OF THIS WORLD is a fun read and will keep the reader entertained throughout the entire story. It has its funny moments as well as serious, but for the most the story is a lite read. Arnie is a genius that would rather tinker on planes than be in a lab and you have to respect that. Ava is a woman who goes after what she wants and Arnie is it. She knows something strange is going on and together they try to find out what is behind all of the unusual happenings. Love scenes are passionate and fiery. Ann Wesley Hardin is a talented author and readers will certainly want to get their hands on more of her books.

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