Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's Out in Paperback!

It seems like I've been waiting for this forever! Me, Jaci and Shannon together as never before *gg*.

Hands On By Jaci Burton
Lara McKenzie can't believe anyone would want to interview her about placing first in the annual self-pleasure fundraiser. An educator, she also writes books helping women to achieve more fulfilling sex lives. Now if only she could fulfill her own!

Mark Whitman, freelance reporter, has just scored an easy assignment—write an article for Total Man Magazine about Lara McKenzie, sex educator and obvious expert on self-pleasure. He expects to find a bookish geek, not a red-hot redhead!

When his one-time assignment turns into a request for a full-time job writing with Lara, Mark has to lie to Lara to convince her to co-author the articles. Soon they're steaming up the sheets in the bedroom and on the pages of the magazine and Mark is in way over his head. The truth may set you free, but Mark's afraid when Lara finds out the truth, he'll lose not only the job of his dreams, but the woman he loves.

Twice Upon A Roadtrip
By Shannon Stacey

When the going gets tough, Jill Delaney gets going…in the other direction.
This time the other direction has Jill hitching a ride with the senior center's Spring Fling tour to Orlando. Screwed out of a promotion, she's ready for some fun in the sun before it is time to balance her checkbook again.

Ethan Cooper just wants to get his mother settled into her new job so he can pick up the pieces of his own life. But first Mom's got a little vacation planned. Now Ethan has to survive a trip with a busload of retirees and one sexy but infuriating blonde, then he's home free.

But when they find themselves stranded and alone, Jill and Ethan are faced with making their own way south. Fighting scorching sexual desire and each other along the way, they give in and indulge in a little vacation sex—which doesn't mean they have to fall in love. After all, Jill's not ready to be domesticated, and Ethan's convinced she's not his type.

They never saw the handcuffs coming…

Coffee, Tea or Lea?
By Ann Wesley Hardin

When independent and fun-loving flight attendant Lea Harding meets Coop Masterson, tight-ass air marshal and superhero savior, her first instinct is to run like the wind. But Coop has a relaxed, sensual side that captivates her, and soon what she wants is his tight ass in her bed.

Never quite able to live up to his own expectations, Coop is enraptured with Lea, inside and out. He falls in love with her past and craves a shared future, but she won't accept help from anyone. Let alone him.

A scorching weekend of surf-n-sex arouses Lea's long dormant emotions and has her questioning what true freedom means. The intensity of Coop's lovemaking and the weight of his desires speak to a vulnerable spot in her soul she'd rather deny. So she sets a timeline for a "hot sex only" relationship.

Coop has failed himself over and over and senses in Lea his long-awaited mate. Winning her reluctant heart and making her body throb for him becomes a race against the clock in the most urgently passionate fight of his life.


Blogger Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

How exciting! Congratulations, Ann! They all sound like wonderful stories. I purchased Coffee, Tea or Lea shortly after it was released but haven’t read it yet. I’m just now getting to the books I bought about a year ago. I clearly buy waaaay too many books! LOL

September 01, 2006 9:48 AM  

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