Friday, September 22, 2006

Small World /Universal Consciousness

We all have 'em. Those stories that remind us despite its five-billion people, it's still a small world after all. I thought it'd be fun to collect some of those stories. Here's my best one:

A couple of years ago I entered the first few pages of Coffee, Tea or Lea? (now available in Going The Distance) in the Lori Foster Brava Novella Contest. I knew this was a strong story, quite possibly my breakout, but, still unpublished at the time, alot of this was still simply hope.

About two months into the contest Kathy Love invited me down to the Maryland Romance Writer's Q/A with Kate Duffy of Kensington--Kathy's editor, and the judge of the Lori Foster contest. In an enormous stroke of good luck, I also got invited to go out to dinner with them! Not only that, Kate and I hit it off big. I loved her. We laughed the whole night. My hopes skyrocketed. If she liked me, surely she'd like my writing too. Right?

As dinner progressed we began discussing 9/11, as everyone still did at that time when meeting new people--a way to connect in our new, uncertain world, I suppose. Kate began telling us a traumatic story from way back in the 70s, when she'd been a passenger on a hijacked plane...

CTorL opens with a mock hijacking scene.

As I listened to her hair-raising story I thought, what were the odds of one itsy-bitsy romance writer submitting such a story to the one romance editor in the whole wide world who'd been on a hijacked plane? Had to be astronomical to the point of impossible--no romance writer in her right mind writes about hijacking! And the number of people--let alone romance editors--who've been on a hijacked plane is probably fewer than the number of people who've been to outer space!

But of course, this is pure conjecture on my part. No scientific studies have been performed.

Yet, Kate and I had found each other. Needless to say, she hated CTorL. Even called to yell at me for writing it. But, EC bought it, and Kate and I are still the best of buds.

So, what's your Small World Story, writing related or not? The Universal Consciousness wants to know.


Blogger Bron said...

My Small World Story:
The DH was born and brought up in Scotland, came to Oz in his 20s. I was born and brought up in Australia, with multiple generations of ancestors on my Dad's side here since the mid-1800s.

When we were visiting DH's parets recently, and looking at the family tree, I spied an unusual but familiar name.

It turns out that, in Canada in 1911, the DH's great-aunt married a cousin of my Great-grandfather, who came from Ireland.

So, despite three continents and a hundred or so years, we're related ;-)

September 22, 2006 4:52 PM  
Blogger Sal said...

Hi Ann - found you via Billy's blog where you very kindly said you'd read my blog, so thought I'd come over and return the compliment - wow, I'm going to have to take some time to explore around here! Looks good.

I'm a little unsure about your comment though - "I guess Sal would call it acting" - would love to know what you were thinking, if you had time to pop over to my blog.

anyway, look forward to lots more reading and commenting

September 22, 2006 6:04 PM  

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