Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Sure Things in Life

The Black Screen of Death descended yesterday at 6:39 am on my laptop. Or should I say craptop. And, of course, said craptop is five months out of warranty. I'm watching these words get typed on an external monitor bought in 1998, the craptop spreadeagled on my lap and precariously balanced. I hope it drops into the flaming chasm of hell alongside me.

Unfortunately, I need the hard drive and keypad for the time being, otherwise I'd make sure it arrived there.

Now, I'm adventurous enough that six hours into surfing the 'net to see what possible issues the craptop could have and how much it would cost to fix it, followed by another eight hours running the six-hundred-and-fifty-two utilitiies it takes to clean a computer, I decided to crack it open myself and see if there were any obvious loose connections.

One phillip's head screwdriver and 3,247 screws later I had it open, my fingers wrapped around a large white plasticized strip that said DO NOT TOUCH!! Unfazed, I soldiered on and found nothing that looked wrong. To my surprise, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse DID NOT gallop into my room to vaporize me for opening the craptop. Apparently that's a myth. But the myth that the cost to fix an old craptop is the same as buying new? That one's true.

I dutifully rescrewed the 3,247 screws.

Then the rest of the day was spent researching THE BEST laptop you can buy--for under seven hundred dollars because, quite frankly, I refuse to pay more. But unfortunately that was going to have to wait until after Christmas-but-before-New-Year-so-we-can-get-it-cheap-and-write-it-off...

Until I found a Lenovo 3000

I don't have to pay for until March! And not only is it considered one of the best laptops under 1k, it has the coolest name in the world.

*happy dance*

And this week has taught me the old adage is true. The only sure things in a writer's life are The Black Screen of Death, and tax write-offs.


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