Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thirteen Lines From My Books

1) "Also wouldn't mind killing something. A bear maybe. And dropping it at your feet." (Miss Behavior)

2) "You carved out a flippin' canyon," Arnie said. "Looks like a brontosaurus hoedown." (Miss Behavior)

3) "You're radiant. Not unlike uranium." (Coffee, Tea or Lea?)

4) And a crotch that glowed like a rotisserie grill. (Layover)

5) "But she's lost that new car smell." (Layover)

6) If Kira had to spend her life wrestling five-hundred-ton bombs on the rim of the stratosphere, the person she most wanted to do it with was Jack. (Layover)

7) He could handle a close encounter with the pretty, white-haired body snatcher. As long as she didn't try to eat him afterward. (Out of This World)

8) Her skin was as tensile as a trampoline, putting her well under fifty in people years. (Out of This World)

9) So here they were, him able to shoot straight at full gallop from thirty paces, and her armed with rubbery chicken entrees. (Coffee, Tea or Lea?)

10) "I'm not running away. I'm taking a vacation." (Coffee, Tea or Lea?)

11) "He wanted Kira to marry you." (Layover)

12) "Arnie knows things regular mortals don't." (Miss Behavior)

*drumroll* A line from A Lick and A Promise, unseen by any eyes except my editor's!

13) With the release of a deep breath, he let loose the shackles ‘round his mind and journeyed out to the center of the universe to seek her again.

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Blogger Shannon Stacey said...

#3 is my favorite!

And we did the same TT!

January 18, 2007 4:18 PM  

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