Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ann's Top Ten Romance Heroes of all Time--Number Eight

King Arthur--Mythical Visionary and Good Man.

I'm the last person who can talk about Arthurian legend with any profundity. My exposure to it is limited to the movie Camelot and the book The Once and Future King. But that's not gonna stop me from opining. Why should it? I'm not afraid to make an idiot of myself and I certainly welcome any comments that would give me a better understanding. But for now, here's how I see his romantic heroicness.

An exceptionally perceptive man, Arthur senses the adulterous passion between his wife, Guinevere, and right hand knight, Lancelot, in the way they won't look at each other. He also knows they love him deeply, and he trusts that as people, they want to Do The Right Thing. With a remarkable insight into human nature, he understands that no one can control their feelings. Hence, he holds them blameless. Now, you tell me, how many people can do that?

In a time when women were chattel, Arthur embraces higher ideals. Guinevere is not a possession to him. She's a person. He hopes against hope that she'll rise above her human frailties, but, alas, she can't. What does Arthur do? He loves her in spite of them. And that makes King Arthur one of my top ten romance heroes of all time.

Next up, a romance that doesn't involve infidelity ;)


Anonymous Heather Rae Scott said...

I'm with you on only having those two movies to go with. Having Sean Connery play him *swoons* did me in and made me fall in love with the movie Arthur.

I love your insightfulness into these characters. Truly.

February 22, 2007 9:54 AM  

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