Friday, February 23, 2007

Ann's Top Ten Romance Heroes of all Time--Number Seven

What could be worse than being beholden to your dead mother's wishes? Not much. Until bad goes to disastrous for Jack Singer (Nicholas Cage), in Honeymoon in Vegas.

This poor guy can't get a break. Sensitive to a fault, his heart is his downfall and his ultimate salvation.

He loves Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker) but he can't commit. Why? On her deathbed his mother made him promise he wouldn't marry. If you were raised around Old World immigrants, as I was, you'll be totally sympathetic to this guilty dilemma *gg*.

Ostensibly, the couple's trip to Vegas will turn into a honeymoon, because Betsy read him the riot act. But things are never that simple and before long, Jack is involved with professional gambler, Tommy Korman (James Caan in a wonderfully comic/evil turn), and loses Betsy in a bet.

What follows is a testament to what a Man In Love will do for his woman. What I love about Jack is that once he realizes what's at stake--his future with an exceptional woman--he doesn't lollygag or let anything defeat him. Not effed up flight schedules with hours upon demoralizing hours in the air, broken cars, betrayal or fisticuffs. Not even the humiliation and comical terror of skydiving with Flying Elvises will keep him from getting Betsy back. That's the Darwinian craving in a woman--a man who will stop at nothing.

Jack Singer is a True Romance Hero. He overcomes his conflict and faces perilous odds to win Betsy back. That's why he's in my top ten romance heroes of all time.


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