Friday, February 02, 2007

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

People often wonder how much of a book is real, and how much is imagined. Erotic romance authors, in particular, encounter this all the time.

"So, do you base those sex scenes on experience?"

"Is your husband your inspiration?"

I always say, "Mais oui! But of course." People know this is a bald lie but it gives them what they wanted. It makes them smile.

That being said, there is alot of truth and personal experience built into my books. For instance:

Layover--the cockpit case Kira and Jack are so attached to actually exists. It was my father's and I really do open it and sniff it from time to time. Bliss.

Miss Behavior--my brother owned a Mooney just like Gage's. I've flown in it and felt exactly like Lorna. The crash landing actually happened to a friend of my brother, only he brought it down on a lonely strip of desert highway.

Out of This World
--In a previous post I mentioned Ava's white hair and Arnie's mood eyes, but I also have a genius friend who was raised on a hog farm in Wisconsin.

A Lick and A Promise--the characters Penny and Poppy are real. Only they're not people. They're parakeets *gg*

Adding these little in-jokes is one of the joys of writing, the details that bring fiction to life because, well, they're true. As a reader, can you sense authenticity behind an author's words, or did you think my white hair and mood eyes were a crock of shit? As an author, do you regularly incorporate your life into your books, or is the truth just too darn weird to suspend disbelief? 'Fess up!


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