Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ann's Top Ten Romance Heroes of all Time--Number Five

Capt. Jack Savage (Rod Taylor) in Fate is The Hunter

Dripping with bad-flyboy sex appeal, Jack Savage is a Bon Vivant on posthumous trial for an airline crash. Did he drink before his flight? Was he really the morally ambiguous ladies man he appeared to be? Watch this exciting, twisty tale unfurl in flashback and keep the defibrillator handy. But whatever you do, don't watch it with your airline pilot father, because he'll anticipate the denouement (out loud, of course) and spoil it for you ;)

Okay. This is all a big tease 'cause there's really no way to properly dissect Jack's romantic heroism without totally ruining the thrilling experience that is this movie. Because he's not on trial for just the airline crash, his reputation is at stake and unfortunately, he can't defend himself. Everybody has mistaken or incomplete impressions of him and they all get their say and their comeuppance in this artful, revealing story. At the end, when they recreate the crash, you'll be sweating the final outcome.

I will say this though, like all great heroes, Jack Savage is beautifully redeemed. Many of the misunderstandings arose because he didn't brag about his deeds. And the lives he quietly touched with his unique perspective remind us all that we never know what impact we have unless someone tells us before it's too late...

Take it from me. Watch. This. Movie. You'll laugh, you'll cry. You'll throw popcorn at your loud-mouth father ;) but more importantly, I think you'll agree that Capt. Jack Savage is worthy of anyone's list of Top Ten Romance Heroes of All Time.

PS--I've only met one other person who's seen this underrated gem, so if you have, gimme a shout.

Tally so far: Veronica Towers via MySpace blog. She's seen every Rod Taylor flick.


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