Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thirteen Favorite Songs

1. Talk to The Animals, Leslie Bricusse--Did you ever really listen to this song? The creativity is astounding. A forerunner of the late, great Howard Ashman.

2. MTA, Kingston Trio--from my brothers' 45 collection. Probably listened to it 753 times.

3. Ode To Joy, Beethoven--transcendence in a chorus.

4. Another Brick in The Wall, Pink Floyd--can totally relate and the beat goes into my bones. My all time favorite song from my all time favorite band. Don't know what it is about their music but it just grubs my soul.

5. You Belong To Me, Jo Stafford--evokes all my travel yearnings.

6. 1812 Overture, Tchaikovsky--first heard this in London in 1968. The real cannons scared the shit outta me.

7. Blue, LeAnn Rimes--OMG, her voice.

8. Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd--Favorite song to drink and zone to.

9. Love Stinks, J. Giles--whatever happened to them?

10. Romeo and Juliet, Dire Straits--gives me goosebumps.

11. Green, Green Grass of Home, Tom Jones--cry every time.

12. She Drives Me Crazy, Fine Young Cannibals--love the opening.

13. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, U2--my life theme?

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