Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thirteen Links in my Favorites List

1) Diethyl Ether--Wikipedia. It features in the turning point for A Lick and A Promise. My chemical romance?

2) eBay - bag, bag airlines. Whenever I fly with mine, airline crews gather to reminisce. Most cool.

3) Malik. The little Killer Whale who took a shine to me in Marineland. I didn't do it. I swear! But I still miss her.

4) How Far Is It?. I use this more than I thought I would!

5) Snugglepuss - G-spot vibrator. Gotta love research!

6) Savory Asparagus Bread Pudding. Haven't made this yet, but plan to.

7) Urban Dictionary. What every girl needs.

8) Makeup, Anti Aging Skincare. What every woman needs.

9) Weight Watchers Recipe Cards from the Seventies. The slideshow contains some of the cleverest comedy I've ever read.

10) The Blue Banana. Shop here whenever budget allows, even though the model makes me want to slink into my hole and cry.

11) Fall Out Boy!. Love reading the journal and the Q&A. Pete Wentz can be scathingly funny.

12) I Saw You. Talk about a story minefield!

13) SheepskinShoes. I'm lusting after these goofy slippers.

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