Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen search engine phrases people have found me through.

1. Nicole Kidman nose wrinkled (some freckles, maybe. But no wrinkles)

2. hiney hiders (because we, care.)

3. cave men eat (unfortunately, not at this last RT)

4. ms. wesley my friend's hot mom (yeah, baby)

5. watching your older sister getting a hiney shot (now that'd be fun)

6. smashing watermelon mri (okaaay)

7. anne wesley guy (not the last time I checked)

8. three mile island watch fob (sorry, I just have the souvenier lamp. And I ain't selling it)

9. excerpts from romancing vietnam (is that like, Romancing the Stoned?)

10. wesley decides whether to get out of bed (not if there's anything interesting in there with me)

11. the princess bride subtext of manipulation of people (any screenwriters want to chime in here?)

12. dharma and greg episode about soy (WTF?)

13. she got on his back for a piggy back ride (at least I'm famous for something)

1. Gabrielle

2. Heather

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