Monday, June 18, 2007

The Bastard

The Bastard is a romance staple.

Anne Stuart has a corner on the sociopathic bastard who never really falls in love with the heroine, but just decides not to kill her.

Most other authors rely on what I like to call the poor-widdle-baby-bastard. The wounded alpha who's really a good guy inside, but has been hurt so badly he lashes out. I'm not making fun. In fact, I've used this type of bastard myself. In Layover.

But in general most of my heros are gammas. Anthros, in A Lick and A Promise, flirts with being a True Bastard for reasons you'll see if you read the book, and he's the closest I've come to the Anne Stuart model of Sociopathic Bastardly heroes.

I kinda liked it. It was cool to write someone who can be, shall we say unscrupulous to get his woman. A man who doesn't fight fair when it comes to passion and isn't afraid to resort to a bit of aggression. It was fun and interesting to live in his head. It made me want to forage deeper into the shadows of Bastardom.

What about you? Alpha, beta, gamma, sociopath? Which Bastard do you like best in your romances?


Anonymous Bron said...

Most of my heroes are probably gammas, although I've never been totally comfortable with the alpha, beta, gamma definitions.

I have one hero who believes himself to be something of a bastard, and has walked the thin edge of the law for a while, but the heroine will discover and point out to him that he hasn't exactly been consistent in his bastardry, because some people actually like him.

Probably the closest I'll get to the Anne Stuart type of character is actually with a heroine - who is an assassin. I haven't written much of her story, yet, but she exists in my head and is developing quite well, as a complex, very hard-on-the-surface character.

June 19, 2007 7:45 PM  
Blogger Ann Wesley Hardin said...

Now that's intriguing, Bron. I don't know anyone else who could pull that off like you could. So, when are you gonna give us a chapter?

June 19, 2007 9:31 PM  
Anonymous THIS! Christine said...

Honest Bastards.
It actually irks me that the reason some heroes are 'prickish' is because some woman-done-them-wrong, so, I-punish-all-women types.

I did one revenge hero, but it was the heroine that did him wrong and he was totally up front about his reasons-to her, and himself.

I'm working on one sociopathic bastard. But he's a God, so I guess he can be excused, but let me tell ya it's frickin hard to stop myself assigning him human emotions/motivations.

>>The wounded alpha who's really a good guy inside, but has been hurt so badly he lashes out.<<

Too often my writing partners connect this past trauma to IC. Ergo, as my characters don't have this pain to draw on they have no IC. Which is probably why I don't get it (IC), and never will.


June 21, 2007 8:23 PM  
Blogger Mary Stella said...

Oooooh, I adore Anne Stuart's heroes. Anthros sounds like my kind of man. (At least in fantasy.)

June 21, 2007 9:29 PM  

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