Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pick Up Line

Samhain Publishing's Best First Line contest is a fascinating window into the world of editors and agents.

At this moment, there are 204 entries and I can count the ones that grab me by the throat on two hands. Maybe only one hand, but I'm being open-minded. Then again, I'm a total First Line Slut.

For years they've been the way I choose books. If the title and cover attract me, I'll skip the back cover copy and open to the first line. If I like it, I'll read the first paragraph. If that interests me enough to keep going, then and only then will I read the blurb and if it still looks good, I'll buy the book.

But that first line is make or break for me. I suspect alot of editors and agents feel the same way. This contest proves that it's amazing what you can tell from one, isolated line when there's no opportunity to read more. Give them a look and see if you're a closet First Line Slut...


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