Friday, August 10, 2007

A Lick and A Promise--Excerpt One, rated X!

Hours later, dimly aware of the approaching day, lightning bolts flashed her eyeballs under sleep-closed lids. Her body arched and heaved to staccato electrical jolts. Through slitted eyes, she watched herself levitate, then settle back onto the bed, in her room. Everything seemed the same, except instead of twilight creeping through the window blinds, the world was encased in an orange haze.

Powerful arms laced with dark hair came over her from behind. One hand cupped her chin and pulled her head back against an unyielding chest.

“I’ve been trying to get in here to find you,” came a sonorously masculine voice. “I couldn’t, earlier.”

As usual, the warmth of his chest and the strength of his insistent, gentle grip reassured her. “Is it you?”


She tried to rotate her body, to get up and see him, but her limbs stayed glued to the mattress. The atmosphere around her took on a watery thickness, making every move sluggish and difficult. A familiar image bobbed into her periphery—swarthy skin, a dark curtain of hair. She turned her head to focus on it and, as usual, it turned with her as if orbiting on an invisible spoke, remaining in her field of vision, but just out of direct sight. Confusion coursed through her. “Mark?”

He chuckled low in his throat. The resonant sound pinged off her skin.

Mark? The hurling loser? What was he doing here? Where’s Dream Lover? Her body remained paralyzed, so she stopped struggling. In the interior of her sleep-drugged mind, a little voice told her she had to be dreaming, yet the heat of his hand on her chin, the security of his chest against the back of her head and the erotic effect of his voice on her flesh confirmed this was no ordinary dream. She tried paying careful attention this time.

When the hand released her chin and palmed her neck, its roughened flesh gently sanding hers, her nipples contracted and her cunt announced a five-alarm fire. Definitely no ordinary dream. She writhed and tried to turn into him again, wanting to see him, wanting his hands to move lower, to move everywhere, yet not wanting it if this was Mark.

He dodged her again, playfully bobbing in and out of her line-of-sight while his fingertips got intimate with every inch of her throat. Then he reached far over her, his chest hair tickling her nose, and stroked her naked thigh, applying enough pressure to keep her locked down, but tenderly enough so she knew she could escape if she could just make her damn legs work.

Too bad she couldn’t. Too bad. Just too. Damn. Bad. Everything about him felt familiar, sounded familiar and did familiarly incendiary things to her body. If, for some psychological reason, she’d personified him and that person happened to resemble Mark, then so what? Mark was pretty darn hot. Just go with it.

Her lips relaxed and opened slightly. She slicked her tongue across them and when his chest expanded from a deep breath and came nearer to her face, she licked it too.

He didn’t pause to confirm the invitation. Just seized his opportunity and swept a hot wet tongue across her stomach, sucking bits of flesh into his open mouth, nibbling their edges and moving on for more. “So hungry,” he groaned. “So hungry for this. For you.”

“Me too,” she gasped. Hungry all right. Starved being the better word. Not necessarily for him, whoever he was. For a real lover. A sober lover. Still, this wasn’t so bad.

He leaned over her even further, forming a canopy with his lean, muscular body, and his engorged cock poked her nape. His fingers danced along the closed petals of her center and she sensed the heated closeness of his mouth to her pussy. Magically, her legs spread open without any signal from her brain. Amazing, she thought, and giggled.

The giggle turned into a gasp as he scooped his arms under her ass and hoisted her hips to his lips. Without further fanfare, he nudged her labia open with his nose and began furiously sucking and licking.

Smokin’ heat billowed up from her cunt and spread through her thighs and legs, invigorating them enough for her to raise them and coil them around his shoulders, pinning him to her pussy. Her heels pounded against the smooth, solid wall of his back. He slurped and moaned against her tingling flesh, making satisfied animal sounds that vibrated into her pelvic bones. Within seconds, every bone in her body began singing his personal pleasure song and the beat reverberated into her organs and veins until the bliss twisted into a keening melody of need.

The desire to fill herself with him overwhelmed her and she grabbed his hips to lift them and dislodge his cock from the back of her neck. It popped over her face and into her mouth like a heat seeking, guided missile and she eagerly swallowed his length, desperate for its fullness in her throat, the velvety texture against her taste buds and some measure of control.

He groaned and pumped his hips, fucking her mouth, yet never letting go of her pussy. In her mind’s eye, she broke free and watched them sixty-nining. The deliciously carnal vision of herself getting eaten caused her pussy to gasp and gush. He pulled his face off her and gazed into the milky pool, licking his lips in anticipation. Bringing his hands out from under her ass, he gently spread her labia, flicking the tip of his tongue into the tender center of her cunt.

The hot, soft point of his tongue probed every sensitive crevice, popping in and out and swirling around as if dancing to a pornographic Hokey Pokey.

You put your tongue in, you take your tongue out, you put your tongue in and you twirl it all about…

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