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Another Interview!

The wonderful ladies of The Romance Studio have consented to featuring me again! Can you believe it? I thought for sure after the last time...

Anyway. Check it out:

Ann Wesley Hardin

And the Earthlings thought their sexual activity carried health risks...
Inappropriate lust for a sexy recovering addict makes Dove Hansen wonder about her choices in men. Maybe she'll stick with her anonymous dream lover after all.

He might not exist but at least he's sober and their ethereal couplings leave her panting. Still, she's gonna lose it if she doesn't get some with a human.

Mark Arianos isn't a junkie. He's a fugitive alien strung out on Earth air. In his world, sex is a capital crime and his uncontrollable passion for Dove could turn lethal. So their out-of-body trysts keep insanity at bay while he fulfills a critical mission.

But the longer Mark dallies with Dove, the deeper their attachment grows. Soon he must choose between betraying her or risking his civilization, and his life, to give her more than a lick and a promise.

Reviews for A Lick and A Promise

Mrs. Giggles says: "...this story is too much fun for words..."

About Ann Wesley Hardin

Ann Wesley Hardin has had many incarnations. After spending seven years earning university and post-graduate degrees in Anthropology, Museum Studies and Earth Sciences, she worked as a bartender, a radio weather forecaster, an environmental groundwater consultant and, finally, a novelist.

A native New Yorker, she spent countless months traveling the world, and finally found a European style village in rural Pennsylvania, where she settled with her family.


Coffee, Tea or Lea?
Miss Behavior
Out of This World

An Interview with Ann Wesley Hardin
By Holly Hewson Marketing Director for The Romance Studio

HH: Ann, welcome back to TRS BLUE. Please tell us all about your latest release, A Lick and a Promise.

AWH: Thank you for having me!

Oh let's see, A Lick and A Promise has dream sex, shower sex, sword fighting sex and spaceship sex, a topsy turvy plot, lots of laughs, and a psychic dog. How's that?

HH: So your hero is an alien attracted to your heroine under circumstances that could be devastating for him. Your heroine is a woman who knows him only as a man who haunts her dreams but she needs more. Where did you get this fascinating story idea?

AWH: I'd been wanting to do a story about an out-of-body relationship for a while. After brainstorming with my sister one night in Seattle, it occurred to me that many elements of this story had been laid out already in Out of This World -- the telepathy, out-of-body travel, the laws against unauthorized breeding, etc. -- and that one of the minor characters, namely Anthros (AKA Mark), would be the perfect hero for a sequel.

Additionally, Seattle has a neighborhood called Fremont, also known as "The Center of the Universe." How could I not use that? So the story evolved from a girl's weekend with my mom and sis.

HH: How did you approach world building for this project?

AWH: You know, I find the world we live in wacky enough, once you scratch the surface. So my world building consists mostly of simple excavation!

HH: What do you like best about your lead characters?

AWH: Anthros is honorable and loyal without being a lap dog. He's a well-balanced Alpha, and a firecracker in bed ;) Dove is scared off her rocker, but she walks into hell with her bucket of water anyway. She's an ordinary woman drawn into extraordinary circumstances, and she does what she feels is right no matter the outcome. I love her for that.

HH: What draws you to writing in worlds that you create?

AWH: Well, my degree is in Anthropology/Archeology, which is basically sitting in the dirt and uncovering treasure with toothbrushes and dental picks. So I guess it's that same personality quirk that draws me into a story -- gazing at the surface of your everyday, average human (or alien), wondering what's beneath, then going in for it.

HH: What are you working on now?

AWH: There are several projects going on right now -- a light-n-fluffy contemporary novella, the last book in the Out of This World trilogy, and an Urban Fantasy series.

HH: How disciplined are you as a writer?

AWH: Not as disciplined as I'd like to be, or let's say, in the way I wish I could be. My mind is slow to reveal the meat of a story. If I rush it, the book suffers. So I have to be patient and wait. It's frustrating and it's also a difficult thing to justify to my children when they see me sitting and staring all the time. "Yeah," they think. "She's working all right. I wish I got paid to stare."

HH: Where and when do you feel you do your best work?

AWH: At nap time! When I'm in that weird comatose state right before falling asleep, that's when my brain sort of unlocks and solves story riddles or gives me ideas.

That's one of the reasons I wanted to explore an out-of-body relationship. Not that I travel into the ether like Dove -- although I sure wish I could -- but because I have a sense of what it might be like and wanted to write about it.

HH: What do you do when you get stuck in a story?

AWH: Close the document and let it sit a while. This goes against alot of the popular advice out there these days -- the advice that basically says writers write every day and if you don't, maybe you're not a writer. Not true! Most of my writing is done in my head way before I ever sit down and actually peck it out. Often I'll write a chunk, wait a month, write another chunk, etc.

So, if you're an aspiring author fretting about not writing every day, don't. Do what's right for you.

HH: What can readers look forward to from you in the near future?

AWH: More wackiness, more laughs, and more sex!

Thank you for doing this interview!

HH: Thank you!

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Anonymous Bev Stephans said...

Good interview! Like a good anthropologist, I keep uncovering more layers to AWH.

October 02, 2007 5:51 PM  
Blogger Ann Wesley Hardin said...

Uh oh.

October 02, 2007 10:26 PM  

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