Saturday, March 08, 2008

Beyond Monopoly -- Parlor Games with The Hardins

Child number two is a funny one. She has an extremely high verbal intelligence and even before she could talk she'd get it if I made a pun or engaged in any kind of word play. So I always do those things with her because it's so satisfying and hilarious and it's one of my favorite pastimes.

Thus, the other night while I was texting with DIP, and she asked me where he was, she prefaced it with, "Give me a hint."

Let the games begin!

I was prepared for her to get my hint right away because to me it was so obvious. I replied, "He's in a state that's never had sex."

Can you guess which state that might be?

Child number two thought a moment and said, "New Jersey."

Hahaha! I can see why she'd think that but, nope.



"I know, Florida!"

Heeheehee. Nope.

"Then where? What do you mean by it's never had sex? New Jersey never had sex. I don't think Florida has either. How can a state have sex?"

Where had her high verbal intelligence gone? I was beginning to get worried.

I said, "What do you call someone who's never had sex?"

She stared at me. "Oh, hahahaha! Hahahaha! Virginia. Hahahaha!"


And what kind of games do you play with your children?

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