Monday, March 31, 2008

Somewhere Under the Rainbow...More Misdirected Anger

So I ran into this guy I used to know.

DIP and I were at a bar I hung out in alot before I moved out of my house. It's a great bar, really. I met alot of people, had alot of fun -- I guess you could call it transitional. I would call it transitional. Especially after re-meeting this guy.

Anyway, this guy saw me, smiled, said it was "fate" that we met again. Inevitable.

Yeah. Yeah. Fate. Inevitable. Yeah. Yeah. "I'm with someone."

He asked me what was new?

I told him, "My sister has cancer and I don't give a flying fuck about anything anymore. Not a flying fuck."

Cuz I like to say stuff like that. Shock value and all. And opportunities like that come so infrequently. Gotta grab 'em while you can.

If only you could've seen his face. It's so sad, upon reflection.


Blank as they come.

"Call me," he said. "We should hang out."

Yeah. Let's. Cuz it would be sooo much fun right now. "Sure," I said. "Here's my number." Never let it be said that I didn't learn how to behave in public.

He texted me on Easter Sunday, "Hey Pam, Got any big plans for the day?"

I said, "Yes, but I'm not Pam."

He hasn't texted me again. But he's out there, Under the Rainbow.

I just want to scream. And scream. And scream.

Until my throat dissolves from the heat under this fucking rainbow.



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