Saturday, May 31, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

So Child Number One runs over to her dad's place to search for my ancient tennis racket. She wants to play with her BFF. While there, she encounters her father's girlfriend's shetland pony, I mean, Doberman. Being the dog lover she is, she replenishes the dog's water. And drops her cell phone into it.

The next day Child Number Two takes a class trip to an amusement park. I say, "Make sure your cell phone doesn't fall out of your pocket on a ride." She says, "Okay!". Several hours later a strange phone number appears on my caller ID. Sensing doom, I answer. It's Child Number Two. "Mom, my cell phone fell out of my pocket on a ride."

I call the ex to talk about replacement phones and go straight to voice mail. Hmmm. Sensing doom, I call on the land line. He answers. "I can't find my cell phone. It's been two days."

After much research, scrambling, shopping, worry, and, thankfully, not too much dinero, they can hear me now.

And hopefully, this week, you can too.


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