Friday, June 27, 2008

Top Ten Penalties We Really Need, NOW

1) $1,000 for opening the rental car window and then not knowing how to close the rental car window.

2) $500 for messing with the tire pressure because the rental car "drove differently".

3) Forgot your EZ Pass and blew through the toll gate thinking nothing bad would happen: $2,000

4) Unable to locate the gas tank/headlights/brakes in the rental car: Suspended license.

5) Unable to figure out the controls in the same make/model you own because the rental car is a different color: Loss of license.

6) $3000 if you accuse us of not disclosing that you could NOT:
  • Go airborne with the rental car
  • Let your dog drive the rental car
  • Tow a Semi with a rope looped around the rental car's bumper
  • Use the rental car as a boat
7) Complaining that it costs $31.99 a day to rent a $40,000 vehicle, but gladly forking over $4.50 to rent a $20 movie: Seven Benjamins.

8) $4500 for asking why we need to see your drivers license.

9) $5500 for getting mad that you can't drive without one.

10) If you can't start the rental car because the steering wheel is locked and you don't know how to unlock it,



When informed that the steering wheel is locked, you say that you didn't realize it could be moved to the other side of the rental car!: Full price of the vehicle, plus, we relieve your home of large appliances and sharp objects, and alert child services for the safety of your offspring.

Your Friday Feature challenge: Guess the scenario that did NOT happen in real life.



Blogger Mysti Holiday said...

Came over via RTB, but enjoyed the laugh...

I'd like to think MOST of these didn't happen, but based upon the general stupidity I see on a daily basis, I believe them all.

I'll guess that the towing a semi one was made up...

Or... letting your dog drive?

June 30, 2008 7:13 AM  
Blogger Ann Wesley Hardin said...

Hi Mysti, thanks for stopping by! You're close. Close.

Okay, we're hoping the dog comment was a joke, and the customer didn't exactly say it was a Semi he wanted to tow with a rope, but the gist was pretty much the same.

Kind of a trick question, 'cause all these things actually did happen. LOL. You're right to believe them all!

July 02, 2008 6:00 PM  

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